Toxic Emotion: Top-3 Most Envious Zodiac Signs

Date February 6, 2019 09:59

Some people consider envy to be a sign of self-consciousness; others think it's a disease that takes over a person whether they want it or not. Whatever it is, some people just can't handle others' success.

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We have made a sort of "envy horoscope", where we'll tell you which signs get this feeling more often than others.

3 most envious zodiac signs

1. Scorpio

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It's quite common for people of this sign to experience jealousy end envy. Most times, the reason for that is their inability to trust people. Scorpios can't hide their feelings, so it's clear for the people around them what they truly think about others' achievements.

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2. Virgo

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These people are extremely self-deprecating and tend to be jealous of everyone who surpass them in any way. Virgos take others' accomplishments hard and will worry themselves sick until they achieve better results in the same field. This sign will never admit, though, that their success is the result of their own envy.

3. Gemini

Toxic Emotion: Top-3 Most Envious Zodiac SignsAllexxandar /

People born in this sign are typically insincere and superficial. Geminis often get hung up on what others have instead of being happy with their own achievements. This sign may desperately want the best car just because a close friend or even acquaintance has it. They get satisfaction only from overtaking somebody.

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Have you found yourself or any of those close to you in this horoscope? Do you often get green with envy? Tell us in the comments!

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