What To Do If A Dog Attacks You: 6 Simple And Effective Actions


April 26, 2019 13:49 By Fabiosa

There are numerous animal lovers in the world, particularly of dogs. And at the same time, there are people who try to avoid them. The reason for that might be a negative experience, such as an animal attack, which may have resulted in an injury. Each of them has a moving story of their own.

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Tips for dealing with an undesirable encounter with a dog

We would like to give you some recommendations on how to act in case you come across an aggressive dog, whether it's domestic or stray. As a rule, an animal does not attack unless it feels threatened: if you scared them in any way, invaded its territory, or if it's protecting its puppies.

1. Distract it

If you have a chance to throw away your bag, plastic bag, gloves or some other object, do it. This way you'll distract the dog's attention and these seconds might give you enough time to assess the situation. 

2. Don’t run away

Stand still, don’t try to run turning your back to the animal. This will only incite it. If you see some asylum, then retreat slowly and keep the dog in sight.

3. Don’t make any sudden movements

Chaotic and sudden arm movements may either make the dog angry or scare it, thus resulting in an attack. If you have a sonic dog repellent, slowly take a step back while taking it out of your bag or pocket. 

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4. Speak with confidence

Pull yourself together and tell the dog in a low and firm voice: “Go home!” or “Sit!” Animals can feel the tone of your voice; therefore, the more confident you sound, the better the chances are that it will step back.

5. Protect your neck

Just in case, put your bent arm forwards, having wrapped it with some cloth. You need to cover your neck as it is the most vulnerable spot with many vital arteries and veins.

6. Seek medical aid


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If you don’t manage to avoid an attack by a dog or pack of dogs, you need to get your wounds cleaned and go to the hospital immediately, where you will get a vaccination against rabies. 

If the dog that bit you has an owner, contact them to make sure that the animal got all the necessary shots and it’s healthy. 

By the way, the most aggressive dog breeds are known to include Boxer, Great Dane, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, and Pit Bull. 

We hope that all your meetings with animals, no matter domestic or wild, will be only joyous and touching. But in case things get aggressive, you know what to do. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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