5 Skillful Flirting Tactics That Leave Men Defenseless

Date January 11, 2019

Women have been historically condemned for openly showing a romantic interest with men. And so the art of flirting was born – a refined science of seduction.

A cute coquette, able to attract men’s attention with the help of a special game of gestures, facial expressions, and touches, has a huge advantage over her rivals.

Here are 5 flirting techniques that a man can rarely resist

5 Skillful Flirting Tactics That Leave Men Defenseless

1. A special look

Learn to give that special look, as our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did! This flirting technique is so important because, invisibly for others, it allows a lady to convey a message that she is interested.

What to do: Look your object of affection straight in the eye for about three seconds, and then look away and down. Repeat several times.

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2. A touch

In addition to the look, it is important to establish close tactile contact. To get started, you can brush the palm or any other part of the man's hand in passing, as if by chance. And observe the reaction!

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Special trick: When talking to a man, touch him with your hair. This playful gesture in body language indicates that you are interested in that person.

3. Embarrassment

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For most men, shyness in the early stages of dating is a big turn on, because it gives away your 'inexperience' in romantic relationships.

Tip: If a man makes you feel flippantly embarrassed, don’t hide it!

4. Laughter

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A man is instantly attracted to a woman who is willing to heartily laugh at his jokes.

Warning: Just don’t overdo it!

5. Treats

Sharing a meal has long been regarded as a sign of trust. So, for example, at a party, you can ask to try food from the plate of your new acquaintance. Most likely, he won’t refuse you!

Top performance: Try to treat a man from a spoon on the first date. If he agrees – he's as good as yours!

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5 Skillful Flirting Tactics That Leave Men Defenseless

Of course, some women are born flirts, but most of us need to learn this subtle love game. Even so, it is totally worth it!


If you notice that a man doesn’t like your touch or any other signs of attention, don’t insist. Quite possibly, he is just not ready to move your relationship to the next level!

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After you win the heart of the guy of your dreams, don’t forget to share these techniques with your friends. After all, they, too, deserve a little honest fun and happiness!

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