7 Women’s Facial Features That Attract Men


December 18, 2018 16:06 By Fabiosa

Beauty is a very, very relative concept. Yet since women primarily want to be attractive to the opposite sex, let's find out which features men are crazy about.

1. A childlike face


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Remember what a baby's face looks like? Big eyes and a little snub nose – it is these facial features that most men are subconsciously drawn to. This is why women use different tricks to visually enlarge the eyes and shorten the nose.

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2. Well-contoured eyebrows

Eyebrows should be relatively thick, but not too wide. Ideally, they are positioned high enough: in this case, the eyes appear larger.

3. Not too high forehead

A high forehead looks good on men. Fortunately, there are bangs! According to canons of beauty, the forehead is considered perfect if its height equals the distance from the nasal bridge to the tip of the nose.

4. Small ears

If you have large ears, you can easily fix it with a properly chosen hairstyle. But in this case, it is better to refrain from wearing massive earrings.

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5. Full lips

Nothing unexpected here. Beautiful full lips will make any man think about kissing!

6. Smooth skin

Clean and toned skin without noticeable defects indicates woman’s youth and health.

7. Thick shiny hair

At a subconscious level, men perceive loose hair as a willingness to get acquainted. By the way, a beautiful hairstyle attracts attention better than long legs or a large bust!

Still, there is no denying that different men find different women attractive. But there are many similar features that each of us can take note of!

What else attracts men in a woman’s appearance? Share your opinion in the comments!

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