Even Slim Girls Look Chunky In These: 9 Wardrobe Mistakes That Add Pounds To Your Look


January 10, 2019 16:24 By Fabiosa

Many women dream of having a beautiful, slim silhouette, but not everyone has managed to achieve it even with the help of exhausting diets and workouts. Why? The answer can be very simple: most likely, they choose trendy clothes that unfortunately don’t suit them and even make them look fuller. Here are these common unflattering style choices.

1. Oversized style

Shapeless clothes are not only trendy now, but also very practical. One thing, though: they look gorgeous only on girls with runway model proportions. If your parameters are far from that, you need to be extremely careful with oversize. Turn to the stylish images of Jennifer Lopez and Melania Trump for inspiration.


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2. Full skirts

Pleated and full skirts are not recommended for women who don't want their lower part of the body looking bigger. Although, with the proper length and width, and in combination with a suitable top, you can create a pretty good ensemble.

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3. Horizontal prints

It is better not to wear clothes with horizontal patterns unless you have a very slender physique or are seeking to emphasize some parts to make your silhouette more feminine.

4. Cropped pants

Styles with a high ankle line make you look shorter, which is not desirable for curvy or petite ladies.

5. Patterned pants

Only a vertical pattern can visually add height. Check, animal, floral or abstract patterns with an ill-chosen style only make you look fuller.

6. Turtlenecks

They are cozy and comfortable, but the absence of any neckline makes the body look fuller than it really is.

7. Ill-chosen bra

Nothing creates undesirable folds like a incorrectly sized or shaped bra. Don’t look at the size numbers - buy one that perfectly fits your measurements.

8. Accessories

Jewelry and accessories draw attention to “unexpected” parts of the body. If you want to appear slimmer, go for longer necklaces. Catchy bracelets and sport-style earrings can help mask a little tummy.

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9. Bulky shoes

Massive heels, platforms, or a rough shape are the enemies of any elegant look, which visually make the lower part of the body look fuller. Pointed shoes are always a better option.

There are many secrets of creating a graceful silhouette, but it is enough to take these few ones as a basis:

  1. Choose only quality and fitting underwear. You can use shaping underwear in some cases.
  2. Clothes should be in your size.
  3. Choose pants and jeans with a high waistline.
  4. Buy clothes that fit you, not only what’s fashionable.
  5. Go for single-color items of clothing and be careful with prints and accessories that make you look fuller.
  6. Keep in mind the proportions when creating a silhouette.
  7. Watch your posture.

A woman of any body type can look beautiful and stylish. All you need is correctly choose and combine the styles. And what do you think: should one be guided by a deceptive reflection in the mirror?

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