Deodorant On The Face, Wasabi On A Pimple And 5 More Highly Popular And Equally Questionable Beauty Tips

Date September 21, 2018

Beauty is always evolving. Every day, new beauty products appear on the market. Despite having a huge variety of masks, scrubs, etc., girls keep inventing home-made care products. Many ideas go viral. But are they safe?

We believe that some of them can do more harm than good!

1. “Take off makeup with shower gel”


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Blogger Henna Ali recommends using shower gel as a homemade makeup remover when you’ve run out of it, or if you want to save some extra bucks.

2. “Get rid of whiteheads in 2 minutes with ... wasabi!”

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This video has over 7 million views. Nuff said!

3. “Get rid of pimples, dark circles under the eyes, spots, unwanted hair, etc. with the help of a yellow mask”

While this homemade mask containing chickpea flour and turmeric might be effective, turmeric is not suitable for any type of skin and can even cause allergies.

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4. “A matting agent for face everyone has! Use a deodorant!”


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Deodorants contain aluminum salts and fragrances which could irritate skin. It's definitely not meant for your face.

5. “Clean clogged pores with a dental floss”


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This is just disgusting and can result in you bursting capillaries. Don't do it!

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6. “Or clean the pores with an ordinary hair pin”


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Not only is this unhygienic, it's very traumatic and dangerous. Your blackheads might not even be affected.

7. “Paint your eyebrows with food coloring”


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We hope that you have better things to do with your time than try this at home.

How do you feel about these beauty tips? Share your opinions!

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