7 Fashion NO’s And 6 YES’s For Women Over 40

Date August 30, 2018

What woman wouldn’t dream of staying young forever? Alas, we all age. In order to do it with dignity, it is important to follow some rules in appearance. Let's find out what's makes us look older, and what achieves the opposite effect.

What ages us

1. Clothes with shoulder pads

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Unless you are as slim as a reed and have model parameters, then it is better to avoid massive shoulder pads. They make the figure appear heavier, concurrently adding a few extra years.

2. Short skirts and dresses

Many ladies, grieving over their youth slipping away, desperately try to hold onto it. In doing so, they resort to miniskirts and short dresses. However, this totally gives the game away, and achieves the opposite result.

3. Below the knee skirts of coarse fabrics

Mature age is not a reason to wear long and shapeless clothes. The same applies to calf length skirts, and the longer ones, made of cheap coarse fabrics. The ideal length that suits most women is just below the knee.

4. Huge palatines of unappealing colors

For reasons unknown, many ladies with years begin to opt for colors that hardly suit anybody. Scarves, wraps, and palatines of strange colors won’t complement anybody. Consider light colors that match your palette. No brown, swamp, or sky-blue pink!

5. Wrong sized clothes

Over the years, a woman’s figure undergoes some changes. But this is no reason to start wearing baggy clothes, hoping to hide your flaws. To conceal sides, try shaping underwear.

And there is the other extreme – some ladies choose clothes size or two smaller than they are. It can also add a few extra years.

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6. Clothes out of fashion

One needs to be careful with vintage clothes. A young lady will look elegant and intriguing in a 60s polka dot dress, for example. On an older woman, it can look like something she actually wore back in the day and now, decided to retrieve from her chest.

7. Deep cleavage

Even if we leave the subject of vulgarity aside, it can add a few years. The reason, probably, goes back a few centuries, when deep necklines were worn by mature ladies to balls. Young girls tried to cover the chest area. Therefore, if you don’t want to age yourself, avoid unnecessarily baring your cleavage.

What makes us look younger

1. Natural fabrics


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Avoid synthetic fabrics in favor of cotton, linen, wool, silk, and cashmere.

2. Natural colors


Colors and color types is a separate topic. To keep it short, if you want to keep looking young, give up neon, unnatural, and dirty colors. Choose pure colors that will advantageously highlight your appearance.

3. Emphasize your figure

And it's not about wearing body-tight clothes. To make the best of your merits, simply emphasize the waist with a thin belt. If you think that it’s better to conceal the waist, put on a jacket.

4. Natural shapes

To look younger, choose natural silhouettes. Clothes of odd shapes (expressly wide shoulders, long sleeves, wide pants) can make the look heavier and add a few extra years. Instead, go with classic models that fit the figure without compressing it.

5. Combining clothes

Stylists say that clothing ensembles age. This is about a “jacket + pants + vest” set, for example. To look stylish and fresh, buy clothes separately.

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6. Go easy on black

If you like black, then try to keep it away from the face. That is, give up black blouses, shirts, hats and everything black that can be close to the face. Also be careful with brown and dark brown.

To sum up, in mature age shape and color become more important. It is advisable for clothes to fit the figure well and be of natural colors found in nature. The black color near the face is a no-no, same as boring sets of clothes.

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