Hair Sabotage! 9 Women’s Hairstyles That Are Aging You

Date April 26, 2019 15:12

This applies to makeup, clothes, and hairstyles: The wrong choice can make you look older. Here are 9 hairstyles to avoid unless you want to look a couple of years older.

1. Firm hold

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Fixed, unmoving curls look too harsh and unnatural, adding you a few years. The hair looks lifeless and the styling is too prim.

Here is how you can use your hairdryer at home. 

2. Seashell updo

This classic styling may look too venerable if the hair is smoothly laid back, without a single loose hair. Too much restraint is a sign of age. It is better to add some volume to the hair (for example, with a curling iron) and don’t make the bun too tight. Make sure it looks natural.

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3. Straight

Straight hair of the same length brings up the features of the face, which lose their former contours with age. Even in young girls, this hairdo emphasizes every flaw.

4. Sharp center parting


As the person ages, the face seems to shift downwards (wrinkles and gravity do their job), and a clearly-defined parting in the middle of the head strongly emphasizes this. Moving the parting line an inch away from the center will give your hair extra volume.

5. Chignon


The absence of strands that would frame your face and distract from wrinkles doesn’t make you younger. Moreover, if the knot is too small, it visually makes the face large, and the hair – too thin. Leave a few locks around the face to soften the image.

6. Small curls

This style has been out of fashion for quite some time and is not particularly missed. Besides, all those styling products you will use to make it add a few years.

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7. Ponytail

If you are not careful enough with this one, you can end up with a schoolgirl’s hairdo, which will look rather awkward. Just picture it: The face of a mature woman and a little girl’s hairstyle. You may come across as someone who desperately wants to look young. Nobody wants that! So, don’t make it too high or too low. Use only the upper part of your hair, leaving the bottom half loose.

8. Too much bouffant

It looks nothing but old-fashioned. We’re not saying the volume is bad, but today, there are other ways to achieve it. Use a big round brush to backcomb hair from the roots to the ends while blowdrying.

9. Ends curled inside

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This styling makes the face appear wider and heavier because over the years the lower part of the face becomes fuller, the temporal part and cheekbones sag, and the tip of the nose drops a little.

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