Makeup Guide: How To Do Eyes To Look Dashing

Date October 8, 2018 18:26

Even though there are women who don’t like makeup, the majority of females start their day by applying makeup before going to work or running errands. Has it happened to you that you seem to be doing everything exactly the same, but sometimes you like the makeup, and there are times you don’t? It is likely because you are doing this beauty procedure out of habit, without considering the distinctive features of your face.

Now we will focus on eye makeup, so that you always look dazzling! To begin with, take a look at the chart. The dashed lines indicate the lines to be considered while applying makeup.

Now, let’s elaborate. The next picture shows areas to apply makeup on. And we will tell you which products go where.

Makeup Guide: How To Do Eyes To Look Dashing

Under the eyebrow

Generally, this area is used only for special occasions, such as wedding, New Year or birthday makeup. The look will be way too much for everyday life. If you do have that special occasion, go with pearl or matte light shadows (beige, pale pink or silver). Dark shades will look tasteless here.

Below the upper lid crease

This is the area, where you apply the main shade of eyeshadow. You can also paint it with a pencil. But if you are using an eyeshadow palette, go with a moderate shade. 

Above the upper lid crease

Here goes either the darkest of the colors you’ve chosen, or a few shades darker than the main color. Make sure this shade is visible when the eyes are open, as well as closed. This will get you the desired effect.

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Outer V

One might think, why apply makeup here. But in fact this area plays an important role to the whole look. Carefully shade an eye pencil or shadows here. It should be 1-2 shades darker than the main one. 

Upper lashline

This is the place where you use an eyeliner or pencil. Apply it right on the roots of the lashes. If you don’t want to bother with this, simple mascara will do.


One more place for an eyeliner or pencil. Note, that for a wow-effect you want to use black, but to simply make the eyes look larger, you can choose pale nude. 

Lower lashline

A wonderful supplementary area! You can shade light (but not white!) matte eyeshadow here. This will make your eyes appear wider.

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Tear duct

The last touch. Add only a bit of shimmery shadow here. It should be of a light shade. You may leave this area makeup free if you are just going for a walk. 

Your perfect makeup is ready! As you see, there are plenty of areas for shadows and pencils. Automatically, ladies often apply one shade of makeup on a lid, then the eyeliner, do the lashes and off they go. But only an attentive approach to your eyes will create a mesmerizing look!

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