How To Choose Eye Shadow To Match Your Eye Color (On The Example Of Celebrities)

Date October 6, 2018

Let's face it – flamboyant shadows have long been out of fashion. The current trend is either smokey eyes or light shades perfectly fitting the eyelids. In any case, the main role is still played by eyeliner flicks. There are ladies, for whom eye shadows remain an integral part of a makeup routine. If you are one of them, then you need to consider the following important rules in order to make perfect and stylish makeup.


Three taboos

First of all, you can’t choose shadows only because “this shade looks cute,” as it can be absolutely incompatible with your eyes.

Second, you can’t choose shadows solely to go with your clothes. There is a chance to make the same mistake as in the first case. An orange blouse - interesting, orange shadows – weird and tasteless.

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Third, you can’t use shadows just because they are in trend. They can be perfect for someone, but others risk looking in poor taste. To avoid such mistakes, try following clear rules on how to properly choose eye shadows based on the color of your eyes.

How to choose eye shadows to match your eye color

Professional makeup artists use the spectrum circle to understand which shades suit a particular eye color best. Since there are not so many options, it is not so difficult to remember the shades that are good for you. On the example of stars, we will demonstrate what works and what doesn’t.

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1. Dark and dark brown eyes

eva longoria makeup, eva longoria eyes

Recommended: light chocolate, brown, grass green, dark sand, silver-gray, dark green, plum.

Not recommended: orange, pink, terra cotta.

2. Honey and light brown eyes

julia roberts makeup, eye makeup

Recommended: walnut, lilac, bronze, green, light brown, dark chocolate.

Not recommended: orange and pink.

3. Green eyes

charlieze theron makeup, eye makeup

Recommended: brown, golden, violet, emerald green, purple, copper, lilac, plum, light yellow.

Not recommended: light blue, blue, pink.

4. Blue eyes

cara deliverne makeup, eye makeup

Recommended: gray, bronze, sand, gray-brown, lavender, violet, chocolate.

Not recommended: pink, green, light blue.

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5. Gray eyes

julianna moore makeup, eye makeup

Recommended: golden, pink, gray-blue, gray-beige, golden brown.

Not recommended: green, light blue, turquoise, purple.

6. Gray-blue eyes

reese wiserspoon makeup, eye makeup

Recommended: dark gray, caramel, violet, steel, copper, platinum-gray, golden.

Not recommended: green, pink, light blue.

Consider these peculiarities to create your perfect makeup. And remember, shadows don’t have to be the highlight of the whole look, their function is auxiliary. Now bright lipsticks and gorgeous black eyeliner flicks are in vogue. What eye shadows do you like? Tell us in the comments.

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