21-Day Glutes Workout Marathon

Date September 5, 2018

If you've been meaning to do something about your figure, then this is the time. No more being a couch potato, get off your buttocks and go work them out! We suggest you take part in a 21-day marathon, aimed at gluteal muscles exclusively. You will start with a small number of repetitions, and it will get increasingly harder. Don’t worry, the program is absolutely doable.

To join the marathon, write “I’m in!” in the comments on Facebook. This way you will give yourself (and others) a promise, which will keep you from giving up. And maybe one of your friends will see it and decides to join you. It’s more fun together. So don’t be shy!

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1. Squats

2. Glute kickbacks

3. Fire hydrant

4. Lunges

5. Pelvic lift 

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The program of the marathon


Also, don’t forget about healthy nutrition, drink a daily norm of clear non-carbonated water and get enough sleep. You will need strength!

Only few are lucky to be born with a perfect butt. The rest of us have to sweat to keep buttocks in shape. Save this challenge and start working out today! Don’t wait for Monday! 

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