Simple And Pretty: 5 Stylish Ponytails For Any Occasion

Date September 7, 2018

Long well-groomed hair is the pride and joy of their owner. Although caring for it requires effort and time, the result outweighs the inconvenience, as it always adds femininity and a special charm.

Hairstyle options

We are offering a few variants of ponytails for long hair, which will help diversify the look of a modern woman.

1. Slightly messy

Girl puts hair in ponytail, woman make hairstyle

This variant of a slightly messy ponytail is ideal for wavy hair, but it is worth a try on the straight hair, too. You will need mousse or foam to fix it. Apply the product on the damp hair, then fluff it with your hands and dry with a hairdryer. Slightly backcomb the hair at the roots. Gather the resulting mess in a ponytail at any desirable level and fix with an elastic.

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2. With smooth hair

Girl puts hair in ponytail, woman make hairstyle

Get your hair as straight as possible, either with a smoothing shampoo and drying with a round brush or with a flat iron. Gather your hair in a ponytail, preferably on the top of the head. Fix it with an elastic band, and cover it with a separate strand of hair.

3. Romantic variant

Girl puts hair in ponytail, woman make hairstyle

Collect your hair in a low ponytail, leaving relatively wide strands on the sides of the face. Then get them back tying around the rubber band in a bow or another knot and fix with bobby pins. Cover everything with a hairspray. A romantic hairdo is ready!

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4. For sports

Girl puts hair in ponytail, woman make hairstyle

If you plan some physical activity – sports or dancing, then you can gather your hair in a ponytail on the back of the head. Braid it and fix the end with an elastic.

5. For children

Girl puts hair in ponytail, woman make hairstyle

You can make your daughter look like a princess at a ball with this original hairstyle. It will take one bigger elastic band and a few small ones. Fix the hair in a ponytail on the head (you can cover the elastic with a small strand of hair wrapped around it), then arrange smaller elastics along the hair at an approximately equal distance. Fluff the resulting segments.

If you have your own hairstyles for medium to long hair, we’ll be happy to know about them. Please, share!

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