Three Hacks To Quickly Dry Nail Polish At Home

Date October 8, 2018

Fashion offers many bright and attractive shades of nail polish to emphasize your personality and complement the look. After all, manicured and well-groomed hands are a visiting card of any woman. Alas, in the high pace of modern life it is rare that you find a couple of free hours to visit a nail salon. Even at home, sometimes you can’t afford sitting for 15 or 20 minutes just waiting for the nail polish to dry.

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With this in mind, we managed to find a universal aid, which will help speed up the process of polish drying. You will be surprised but this universal aid is cold!

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We bring to your attention three lifehacks, which you can test and choose from.

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Lifehack 1

As at home, quickly dry the nail polish

Let your polish dry a little and immerse your hands... in the icy water! The cold will make the polish harden, and you will spend less time on your manicure. Hold your hands in the water for only 1-2 minutes, and in order for the water to be the right temperature, put a few ice cubes into the container.

Lifehack 2

As at home, quickly dry the nail polish

The second method is a hair-dryer in a cold mode. A fan or even an air conditioner can provide a similar result. This procedure will take only two minutes. The main idea is to evenly direct the flow of cold air.

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Lifehack 3


And, finally, the third trick - just put a bottle of nail polish in the fridge for a few minutes. Cold polish applies better and dries faster. The main thing is to apply it evenly and in a thin layer.

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Now you know how to quickly dry the nail polish without staining your clothes! Approach the manicure procedure with patience, because even the proposed lifehacks have some rules to be followed. Don’t rush, and then your nails will shine in all their glory!

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