5 Most Popular, Effective, And Affordable Beauty Procedures

Date October 1, 2018

The development of technologies and techniques used in the beauty industry allows specialists to offer a wide range of services for solving a wide range of problems. Although some of them are, so to speak, localized, and can be ineffective and even contraindicative in some cases, there are simple and safe ways of preserving youth and beauty suitable for almost everyone.

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We made a list of the most popular procedures, which should be repeated from times to times in order to keep good looks.

1. Facial massage

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To stay radiant and fresh the skin of your face needs constant rest and care. And what could be better than massage? Perhaps, this procedure is the most simple, painless, pleasant and effective, if done on a regular basis.

It is recommended to get a massage once a week. The procedure takes about an hour and consists of 3 main stages:

  • gentle peeling;
  • massage of the face and neck with nourishing gel;
  • mask application.

Perhaps, there isn’t a more effective and inexpensive restoring procedure for any type of skin and age. Such a massage easily revitalizes the tired skin, which is rarely nourished and moistened. You can expect to see the results in a month.

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2. Cleaning

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There are three types of cleaning:

  • mechanical;
  • hardware;
  • combined.

Today, the latter is the most common one. It easily helps to clean the clogged pores. You will notice the saturation of the skin with oxygen, as well as a decrease in the number and intensity of rashes shortly after the procedure. It will be enough to get a combined cleaning procedure once a year, given that you cleanse your skin regularly yourself.

3. Peeling

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Probably the most effective kind of peeling is superficial-medium, which is conducted exclusively in beauty salons under the supervision of a specialist in the autumn-winter time of the year.

This procedure facilitates:

  • renewal of the epidermis;
  • regeneration, lifting, and narrowing of pores.

Peeling is done with fruit acids. At the first stage, the concentrate is applied on the skin surface, then it is removed. At the second stage, pores are filled with oxygen, and at the third - a nourishing cream fixes the result. During the peeling, the cosmetologist can offer serum for home use and a few salon spa treatments for better nourishing and moisturizing effect.

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4. Mesotherapy

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If your skin doesn’t receive sufficient nourishment or doesn’t receive it at all, this procedure is considered one of the most suitable. With the non-injection hardware method, the skin is supplied with cocktails of hyaluronic acid. A course of these procedures helps to smooth out wrinkles under the eyes and doesn’t interfere with normal life. That is, you won’t need to take a vacation for the recovery period or change your routine. The course takes from 6 to 10 sessions - this is generally enough to see the result.

5. Thermolifting

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This is another hardware method that helps keep the skin healthy. This procedure is not restricted to any season - you can have it on any day of the year. Thermolifting is essentially about stimulating the internal processes of collagen production. The procedure is absolutely harmless, and after it the skin looks fresh and well-groomed. A good beauty salon will offer thermolifting of the neck, face, décolletage zone and the eye area. Stimulation of collagen is very gradual and is characterized by a cumulative effect, so it is recommended to take the procedure in courses (several times a week with a one-month break). Eight sessions will be enough for young skin, 10 – for the mature one. Meanwhile, it is important to follow through with the supporting procedures recommended by the specialist.

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Among the wide range of salon beauty procedures, these 5 are truly universal. Besides, in most cases, they will be enough to preserve or even return health, youth, and beauty of the skin.

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