5 Rules Of At-Home Pedicure That Many Women Ignore

Date October 4, 2018

In addition to being useful a pedicure is also aesthetically pleasing. Of course, it is always easier to contact a professional, who will work wonders on your feet in just 1.5 – 2 hours. But a pedicure is not difficult to do at home.


The main thing is to follow a few rules.

1. Thoroughly disinfect all the instruments

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The first rule that applies to an at-home pedicure too is disinfection of nail files, scissors, clippers, and other tools. the fact that you are the only one who uses them doesn’t mean that you can neglect disinfection.

Thoroughly clean everything with antiseptic both before and after the procedure.

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2. Properly file your nails

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To prevent ingrown nails, wounds, and other unpleasant sensations, try to give your nails (especially the ones on the big toes) a square shape rather than oval. If despite all the precautions you couldn’t prevent an ingrown nail, consult a doctor to fix this problem. Do not try to remove the pain yourself, so as not to aggravate the situation.

3. Don’t cut the cuticles

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Many people don’t find DIY pedicures too convenient. To avoid cutting the cuticles and infecting the nail just push them back. Soak your feet in hot water with salt and essential oils, and then the cuticle will become soft and supple. Gently push it back with an orange stick. Fast, easy, and safe!

4. Don’t skip the step of applying a base coat on the nails


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In order not to damage your nails and for the polish to last longer, don’t forget to apply a base coat. Choose the one that strengthens the nails. It won’t hurt!

5. Don’t apply polish immediately after a bath


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Nails absorb moisture and expand a little. If you want the polish to last longer, don’t apply it immediately after getting out of the tub, wait for 10-15 minutes.

Do you have your own secrets that simplify pedicure procedures? Tell us in the comments!

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