Wardrobe Basics: 6 Clothes That Have No Place In A 40+ Woman's Closet

Date May 23, 2019 18:29

Unfortunately, when you are over 40, you can’t wear anything just as you used to. Do you know which items of clothing you need to give up in order to look fashionable and stylish at any age?

1. Tight-fitting clothes

Naturally, ladies with body proportions of a model will frown skeptically. But let's face it: few people have a perfect figure after their 40th birthday, and clinging clothes will only emphasize these shortcomings. It is advisable to choose outfits of a looser cut.

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2. Acid colors

Even for young girls, these colors are a rather questionable choice. Acid-colored clothes on a 40+ woman will only demonstrate her bad taste and a desperate desire to look younger. It would be wiser to choose calm or, on the contrary, vibrant colors, but only those which don’t make you want to close your eyes or look away.

3. Small floral prints

Dresses and skirts with a small floral print are more suitable for little girls with pink cheeks and glowing eyes. First, this print can visually add make you look bigger. Second, something classy will look more appropriate on a stylish grown-up lady. In 40, you can’t dress as if you are 15.


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4. Synthetic fabrics

Undoubtedly, synthetics are more practical in handling. However, it’s time you take your health more seriously after you turn 40. Choose clothes from natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen.

5. Bulky jewelry

Bad news for all lovers of massive accessories, especially large, thick, round earrings. Such jewelry makes your entire look appear cheaper. Don’t go overboard with rings and bracelets. There is a time in life to understand that simplicity and minimalism go hand in hand with elegance and good taste, and this time is your 40s, if not earlier.

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6. Velvet

Although velvet is one of the elegant and expensive fabrics, it is important to show some restraint when buying and wearing such clothes, because they can easily add a few years. If you don’t want to completely remove velvet from your wardrobe, make sure to mix it with other fabrics.

There is no need to try to look 22 in your 40s and dress like a graduate. You have to accept your age and everything that comes with it, and then you will always be beautiful!

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