7 Lifehacks From Stylists To Look Classy Without Busting A Bank

Date August 17, 2018

Every woman chooses her own way to look presentable. Stylists say that you can create a glorious look even with a very modest budget!

Here are 7 tips from fashion experts that will help you make an unforgettable impression, even if you are not ready to spend a fortune!

1. Clothes that fit


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One of the main signs of an expensive look is well-fitting clothes. Make sure that the outfit is not too tight, loose or wrinkly!

2. Total white look

White clothes indicate that you can afford to wear something once. Of course, such outfits are utterly impractical, but on the other hand, they look dashing.

3. High heels

Spectacular shoes with stiletto heels create an impression that you don’t walk much, but rather have a car with a personal driver.

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4. Wristwatch

This accessory has a special vibe to it. No wonder expensive watches have been one of the main attributes of successful and wealthy people throughout history. It is much more effective to check time with the help of a watch, than a mobile phone.

5. Tiny bag

Mini handbags have become a true symbol of status among modern fashionistas. The “proper” accessory should be able to contain no more than a lipstick, phone, and a credit card.

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6. Haircut

Although many women like to wear long hair, unfortunately, it’s not for everybody. A good haircut can dramatically change your appearance. And one more thing: there is no way to look classy with outgrown roots!

7. Natural makeup and a manicure

Clean face with little or no makeup and nude nail polish are associated with youth, natural beauty, and excellent health.

As you can see, a lady with good taste can look gorgeous even with limited funds. Take advantage of these useful stylists’ tips yourself and don’t forget to share them with your friends!

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