Autumn Has Come, Hair Has Started To Fall...Here's How To Effectively Cope With Seasonal Hair Loss

Date September 14, 2018 13:06

The problem of hair loss can affect people of any age, sex, and status, thus causing a considerable psychological discomfort and stress. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. With the advent of autumn, the problem of seasonal hair loss becomes burning like never before!

Causes of hair loss

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Has it ever happened to you, when running fingers through your hair (especially while washing it) to end up with a handful of it? This may cause panic in many people. Then, we start wondering whether this is normal and why it is so. The reasons can be very different, but here are the main ones:

  • stress;
  • sudden weight loss;
  • weakened immune system;
  • malnutrition;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • genes;
  • giving birth, surgery, illness;
  • changing contraceptive pills;
  • seasonal hair loss.

We will take a closer look at seasonal hair loss. Due to a sharp change in the weather and a depleted level of female hormone estrogen in the fall, the hair weakens and begins to fall.

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How to know if hair loss exceeds the norm

An average healthy person loses up to 100 hairs a day,

says Dr. Robert Leonard, a founder and chief surgeon of a hair transplant clinic and a medical adviser.

Usually, Caucasians lose an average of 100 hairs per day, Asians - about 70, and Africans - about 60 hairs.

How to cope with seasonal hair shedding

To reduce seasonal hair fall, you can strengthen your hair in the following ways.

1. Mask with burdock oil

Masks work wonders, especially when they contain burdock oil. Warm up the oil a little and apply it to the parting line. Spread to all the hair and massage the scalp a little. Then wrap the hair in polyethylene, and put a towel or better a downy shawl on top. After an hour, remove the oil with shampoo.

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2. Mesotherapy

To normalize the level of hair loss, the doctors recommend injection techniques: mesotherapy, injection of platelets enriched plasma, and physiotherapy.

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3. Take vitamins

You can also strengthen your hair by improving your diet. Eat more foods containing biotin: apples, tomatoes, oat flakes, wheat germ and whole grains, nuts, beans, porcini mushrooms, rice, spinach, cauliflower, and cottage cheese.

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Also, caffeine, melatonin, zinc, vitamin A, selenium, and vitamin C help the hair grow and strengthen it. Therefore, if you buy vitamin complexes, make sure these nutrients are there.

If the hair loss is too severe, be sure to see the doctor and follow through with the necessary examination. In case of seasonal hair loss, it would be enough to follow the recommendations above.

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