Girl Showed How To Bring Hopelessly Dirty White Sneakers Back To Life

Date October 17, 2018

Surely each of us has a couple of favorite white sneakers in the wardrobe. But it doesn’t matter whether they lasted for several seasons or weeks. Usually, shoes are hard to whiten, no matter what you try on a hopeless pair. And if the situation with white clothes is not so critical, when it comes to white sneakers, it is much more complicated. But this girl didn’t give up, tried out a few tricks and ended up with a stunning effect!

A lifehack, which was shared on Twitter by American student Sarah Tracey, is actually quite simple and doable at home. The girl captioned her post with the words “miracle worker” and revealed a secret recipe for whitening hopeless sneakers.

  1. In order to bring your favorite sneakers back to life, take regular baking soda and washing powder and mix them in a ratio of 1:1.5. At the same time, thoroughly rinse the shoes.
  2. Apply the mixture to the contaminated areas or over the entire area, carefully rub it in with a toothbrush and leave for an hour or two. Then rinse and wash the sneakers in a washing machine in a delicate mode. You can also do it manually, the water temperature should not exceed 86-104 °F (30-40 °C).
  3. After washing, apply baby powder and leave to dry. Done!

This simple but useful life hack instantly became popular, having collected 100 thousand reposts and more than 300 thousand likes. However, there were users who tried to ridicule Sarah’s ingenuity, because apparently, they cost "only" $60.

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The girl responded:

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Other readers tried to find out what she had to do to make her shoes this dirty. Some users shared their results after trying this method. A few people didn’t manage to whiten their sneakers completely, but most people were delighted with the effect.

And how do you feel about this advice? Perhaps you have your own lifehacks and opinion on this?

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