Female Friendship: Secrets You Should Keep Even From Your BFF

Date August 3, 2018

A heart-to-heart with your best girl friend in the kitchen is a stereotype immortalized in countless movies and books. It is a great way for ladies to unwind that never fails. But there is a question: what is there to talk about for hours? Great, if it’s the books read or movies watched. Worse, if you’re dishing the dirt about others. And there is always an hour or two to talk about yourself. That’s where we recommend you to tread lightly.

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However tight you two are, there is a list of taboo topics you should avoid during a conversation.

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Career success


If you and your best friend work at the same company, think twice before telling her about the raise the boss has offered you. Especially, if she is overambitious. You can’t predict the reaction. It can be anything - right down to a PowerPoint presentation of her strengths and achievements straight to your boss.

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Everybody has their own financial capabilities, so you can speak about your income only in case your intuition tells you that you are at the same salary level. Otherwise, be ready for jealousy or pity.

Relationship with your special one

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Every couple has fights and squabbles from times to times. The main thing is not to blow it out of proportion by word-for-word reenactment «And I say… And he’s like…», discussing your partner’s behavior and name calling. After your exaggerated and emotional portrayal she may hate your partner’s guts, even if you two make up. Or what if he’s exactly who your girl friend needs, and she has a crush on him? Then you are giving her the user’s manual.


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What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. It’s only for the people directly involved, even if you desperately want to brag about the poses you’ve mastered, gorgeous lingerie or new ideas for a sex play. First of all, you don’t know how your puritanical best friend will react to this. Second of all, it is not only your secret, but your partner’s as well. And your partner wouldn’t like to be judged in that context. The more so, if this was an affair for someone.

Sure, you will find topics for a heart-to-heart with your best friend, that won’t jeopardize your friendship or anyone else’s personal life. After all – ignorance is bliss!

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