15 Life-Saving MacOs Keyboard Combinations That Few People Know About

Date September 25, 2018

You have bought a MacBook but had no time to learn its main functions and peculiarities? In this case, let us introduce a brief instruction to help you to deal with the hotkeys – most convenient way to work around macOS. If you learn to use them properly and timely, be sure, it will save you a lot of extra time. While reviewing these key combinations, open your laptop and follow our pictures. We recommend finding the necessary combination to test it right away. Get ready, as today we have 15 hotkeys combinations for you to master!

1. Take a screenshot


Press Command + Shift + 3.

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2. Take a screenshot of the window


Press Command + Shift + 4; hit the spacebar, then select the window with a mouse or a touchpad.

3. Take a screenshot of an area


Press Command + Shift + 4 and select the area.

4. Cut, copy, paste, undo


Press Command + Z to undo; Command + X for cutting (only with text); Command + C for copying; Command + V for pasting.

5. Find the word in the text


Press Command + F.

6. Enable Preview


Press Command + Y or Spacebar.

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7. Disconnect, reboot, or enter sleep mode


Press Control + Power button; select an action after that.

8. Select all


Press Command + A.

9. Go to the beginning or the end of a page


Press Command + Up arrow to go to the beginning; Command + Down arrow to the end.

10. Hide all windows except the one that's already open


Press Command + Options + H.

11. Minimize the open window


Press Command + M.

12. Close the window currently open


Press Command + W.

13. Close multiple open program windows


Press Command + Options + W.

14. Open a new tab


Press Command + T.

15. Open help search


Press Command + Shift +?.

Now you have these life-saving combinations that will make your work faster and more convenient. Learn to use the hotkeys, because they are the easiest way to make you feel comfortable with your favorite MacBook!

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