Basic Fashion Rules To Combine Pantyhose And Shoes Hardly Anyone Knows About

Date September 21, 2018

Pantyhose are an integral element of every woman’s wardrobe for the cold season. However, stylists still argue about how to wear them properly. In fact, there are almost no restrictions today. But if you want to look amazing, you still need to know about some rules.

1. Pantyhose and sandals

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Many people are confused by this combination. It may seem inappropriate, and some people consider it as is a sign of bad taste. However, it is actually not like this:

  1. If you want to wear tights with sandals, choose black or bright nylon. Skin-like colors match open shoes.
  2. Footwear should have high heels.
  3. Make sure the seams aren’t visible on the toes.
  4. Your sandals with pantyhose will attract everyone’s attention since this trend hasn’t been truly understood yet. So take care of your shoes and keep them in good condition.
  5. Woolen pantyhose is also allowed.
  6. Sandals and pantyhose shouldn’t be identical in color.

2. Pantyhose and flat shoes

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Pantyhose aren't recommended for wearing with light shoes without heels. Therefore, we recommend ballet flats, moccasins, or flat sandals for summer.

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3. Pantyhose and sneakers

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To create a casual modern image, try to wear pantyhose with sneakers.

4. Pantyhose and high shoes

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Tight pantyhose fits well with autumn footwear such as boots, botforts, or ankle boots. These shouldn’t necessarily be darker than pantyhose, as people used to think.

5. Pantyhose and pumps

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Don’t forget about the main rule with this combination: no glossy body-colored nylon pantyhose. The combination of black pantyhose and pumps visually lengthens the legs, making them slimmer. Also, pay attention to such colors as graphite, dark blue, and chocolate.

What about you? What pantyhose do you wear? Have you already tried some of these combinations? Share your experience in comments.

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