12 Handy Lifehacks For Those Who Plan To Spend Their Summer Outdoors


August 15, 2018 16:09 By Fabiosa

Think hard and try to find a person who doesn’t love summer? Perhaps, there will be no success as this must be the most beloved season of the year. To make the warm sunny days even more adorable, we have prepared 12 simple lifehacks that may turn your summer into the unforgettable vacation and simplify your daily routine.

1. Handicraft organizer instead of picnic box

You may ask, how can it be convenient? Well, it may serve as an upgraded pupil’s lunchbox. There are a bunch of sections where you can pack the ingredients for your sandwiches and other useful things like toothpicks and knives.

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2. Paper cupcakes forms as excellent caps for glasses

We all love to drink a lot outdoors. However, all those pesky insects constantly get into the cups, preventing us from enjoying the lifesaving beverage. The solution is simple: try using paper baking molds as a lid. For your convenience, you can make holes and insert straws to feel like on the resort.

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3. Instant drink cooling

Everything you will need: water and ice. They should be taken approximately in the same amount. Add two teaspoons of salt and mix thoroughly. Your drink will cool down in just a few minutes.

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4. Apple vinegar from mosquito bites

The most helpful remedy after the mosquito bites: just treat the itchy place with apple vinegar.

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5. Cold room in 5 minutes

If the room is hot and there is no air conditioning, you can replace it with a conventional fan and a bottle of frozen water. Just direct the stream to the icy liquid.

6. Lemon and cloves against mosquitoes

If there is no escape from mosquitoes at night, do not rush to plug the fumigator into the socket. Take half a lemon and some twigs of dried cloves. Put the seeds directly into the fruit, and the annoying insects are guaranteed to leave you in peace until the morning.

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7. Foil instead of a thermo-bag

You may easily preserve the freshness and coldness of your drink on the beach with the help of foil and a small towel. In the result, you will get the perfect thermos for your short-lasting needs.

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8. Bowl with foil instead of microwave

Why not make a hot sandwich outdoors? Just take a large bowl, wrap it with foil, put a sandwich inside and place it under the sun. Soon, the bread will turn crisp, and the cheese will melt.

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9. A coin and a glass of ice as an indicator of refrigerator defrosting

You plan a vacation or going out of town for a weekend and wonder about the unexpected light malfunction in the house. Your fridge must be still containing some products you require after you return. There is a simple solution. Just put the glass with ice in the freezer and put a regular coin on top of it. If there is no light during your absence, then the coin will be under a layer of ice on your arrival at home.

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10. Store the things on the beach in socks

If you are going to swim, just put the car keys and mobile phone into the old sock. Well, what kind of a thief will look inside such an intimate piece of clothes?

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11. Newspapers for fruit storage

For the fruit and vegetables to be stored longer in the refrigerator, put them over the newspaper in the fridge. It will absorb the excess moisture.

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12. Double pack for carrying ice cream

It has always been difficult to bring the frozen ice cream home. Wonder how to do it? Just put it in two plastic bags. Then the process of melting will pass more slowly.

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We hope these easy household tricks will be useful to you. Be sure to share them with your friends!

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