4 Ways To Buy Jeans Without Trying Them On For Real Shopping Addicts

Date October 4, 2018

There are situations when you need to buy new jeans, but there is neither time nor desire to try on many options. In addition, as we all know, different clothing manufacturers have different ideas about size.


In order not to be disappointed with the new purchase, there are several ways to find the perfect pair of jeans or pants without trying them on.

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1. Wrap the waist of buttoned jeans around your neck. If the ends meet, this is your size. This trick works because the neck circumference equals half the waist circumference.


2. Bend your arm and make a fist. It should fit freely in the waist of buttoned jeans. If you wear high-waisted jeans, in this case, the forearm shouldn’t fit completely.

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3. Put the pants to one side of your waist in the center of the abdomen. If the size is right, the waist of the pants should cover the distance from the middle of the abdomen to the middle of the back.


4. Choosing the right length is very important. However, if too long jeans can be shortened, the short ones will be simply useless. You can check the length with the following trick: turn the trousers upside down and take their legs in your hands. Raise your hands in a straight line parallel to the floor. The length will be perfect if the middle of the pants is under your chin at the neck level.


With these simple tricks, you can decrease the shopping time and choose the perfect jeans very quickly. Share these hints with your friends to let them know about these time-saving methods!

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