Experienced Nurse Used A Single Towel To Bed Down A Baby In 5 Seconds

Date August 17, 2018

Young parents know how difficult it may be to bed down a baby. If the child refuses to sleep, they resort to various tricks. Some sing a soothing lullaby, while others give their little ones a herbal bath.

Luckily, a Vietnamese nurse must have found a perfect remedy to simplify the parents’ life. She recorded a two-minute trick and shared it on Facebook. More than 16,000,000 people have already watched the helpful video.

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The nurse twisted the towel so that it resembled a nest, similar to the hands of a mother who hugs a child. It is not always possible for a mother to hold a baby in her arms, that is why such “cradle” can help a lot.

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How to create a "baby nest"

  1. Prepare a towel of about 4ft with a width of approximately 2ft. Make it look like a roll.
  2. Place the child on your right side and wrap the towel around it. Put one end of the towel under the neck and the other under the head. One leg should be under the towel and the other above.
  3. The nurse strokes the baby on the back to make it fall asleep. A few seconds of gentle taps and the baby is asleep.

Some other ways to help you lull the baby:

  • ventilate the room;
  • bathe the baby in warm water;
  • close the curtains tightly;
  • find the audio recording of “blank noise;”
  • rock the baby on your hands;
  • let it accustom to the daily schedule.

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