Let's Ask Celebrities For Help: Perfect Eyebrows According To The Shape Of Your Face


August 20, 2018 11:01 By Fabiosa

Even though nature initially grants each person their special form of eyebrows, it soon needs to be corrected with time to look more accurate and appropriate. First of all, you need to study the key features of your appearance: the face, forehead, and haircut. With the help of our beloved celebrities, we will show you how to choose the ideal shape for the eyebrows considering your facial peculiarities.

Oval face

This form is considered the perfect one, so it’s important not to spoil it with the eyebrows. It is recommended to choose a horizontal style, being slightly (not abruptly) rounded. If you make a bend too sharp, it will visually make the head look too big.

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Elongated face

Such face type needs to be made visually wider. The horizontal lines will make the face more round, adding a bit of softness. Forget about sharp bends. The transition should be as natural and smooth as possible.

Round face

In this case, you need to stretch your face out and make it look more oval. High raised eyebrows with a thin tip and a wide beginning will help you improve the image. Broader eyebrows of the similar shape are also suitable for such face.

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Square face

The peculiarity of this face type is the hard cheekbones lines. That is why softening the transitions with the help of your eyebrows is necessary. The band should be smooth and not very sharp. Such form will look natural and attractive.

Heart-shaped face

The correct shape for the eyebrows will help you soften the facial features that seem too sharp around the cheekbones. You need to raise your eyebrows, making a barely noticeable bend. You should not make them very wide and avoid a semicircle shape.

Diamond-shaped face

The problem is almost the same as in the previous case – softening of the features is necessary. You shouldn’t make any sharp and abrupt transitions. Soft bending is what you need. Do not make the eyebrows too thin, and let their shape be as natural as possible (but not too wide!).

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Now, you know about all the facial forms and which eyebrows suit them the best. Make sure you examine your reflection in the mirror to see if your eyebrows are perfect. If the form is the same or almost the same as in our description, you did everything right. If they are different, there is always a chance to indulge yourself with a beauty day to correct everything as needed.

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