Suffer From A Backache? These 5 Tips Will Help You Choose The Perfect Mattress

Date September 26, 2018

Even though sleep is considered a healing process, some people can’t enjoy it due to chronic back pain. Sometimes, it simply seems impossible to find a position to get rid of that annoying ache and finally get some sleep. So what should you do?

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The perfect solution may be a good mattress that fits the peculiarities of your back. Choose one not due to its design, but on specific criteria. Today, we help you decide on the best option.

What kind is best if you suffer from back pain?

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A good mattress should provide both support and comfort for your body. It's important for your back to be in an appropriate position. It should remove pressure from the spine and joints. Make sure the composition suits your weight (the heavier the person is, the stiffer the mattress should be). Otherwise, it risks losing its shape quickly.

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Try out a mattress by lying on it. Some specialized stores even offer a trial period where you can sleep for a couple of days on a new one. If it doesn’t suit you, the store will let you return it. It's also important to remember to get a good pillow. Throw away all your feather pillows, which must already be old and harmful. Choose a comfortable orthopedic one to feel comfy while sleeping.

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A few tips on choosing one


1. A mattress should keep your back straight. It must be comfortable and not too stiff.

2. Typically, one that helps to align the spine and joints during sleep properly is ideal. Your spine shouldn’t sag.

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3. Choose a non-toxic product. Some people with autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus experience extra symptoms when they are exposed to household chemicals. They can emit a strong chemical smell and can contain several toxic ingredients, including plastics, foam, and synthetic latex, which are usually produced with potentially hazardous petroleum chemicals. Choose mattresses made of the following materials: natural latex, organic cotton, organic bamboo.

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4. Buy one in an official store. Since good pieces are quite expensive, you always need to protect yourself from a risky purchase. It's safer if it has a warranty.

5. Pay attention to details. Don’t know how to choose the perfect one? If you travel often, spend the night in a hotel bed and try out new mattresses.


Remember that a good mattress and pillow will help you sleep. Don’t try to save money on your comfort. If you have already bought one, here is another tip – flip your mattress to the other side from time to time to prevent it from sagging. This should be done every six months or more often if you notice the mattress starts losing its shape.

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Source: Independent, HealthLine

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