Yes, You Can Machine Wash Your Sneakers: How To Clean Your Sports Footwear In The Washer

Date April 26, 2019

Don’t just rush to throw your sneakers in the washing machine! It is important to consider several factors that may affect their successful or failed cleaning. And here is what you can do with your shoes. 

Let’s start with the most significant question – is it even possible to wash sneakers in a machine? Yes, but only if they are of high quality. Otherwise, after a couple of washes, bad glue and coloring will simply disappear, and the sneakers will be destroyed.

Yes, You Can Machine Wash Your Sneakers: How To Clean Your Sports Footwear In The WasherRobyn Mackenzie /

Another important remark – only shoes without damage can be washed in a machine. If some parts have already torn or peeled off, washing will only speed up their demise. Sneakers with rhinestones and leather inserts also can’t be put through a wash cycle.

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How to wash ordinary high-quality sneakers?

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1. If there are heavy stains on the sneakers, you first need to apply some stain remover.

2. Be sure to remove the shoelaces before washing your sneakers. They should be washed separately. You can do it in a regular bowl.

3. Place the sneakers into a special bag that is usually used for delicate undergarments.

4. Add a little detergent, preferably liquid. If the sneakers are light in color, you can add half a cup of soda, which, by the way, also neutralizes odor.

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5. Choose normal or delicate washing mode. Set the water temperature to no more than 105°F (40°C). Turn on delicate spin or reduce the number of spins not to damage the sneakers’ fabric.

Yes, You Can Machine Wash Your Sneakers: How To Clean Your Sports Footwear In The WasherAfrica Studio /

Extra tips

  • if you have an old towel that you don't mind using (but not of bright color; preferably the same tone as the sneakers), you can wash it with them to prevent the shoes from bumping against the sides of the machine;
  • do not wash several pairs of shoes at the same time!

How should you dry the sneakers after washing?

If you've just washed the sneakers, first you need to open them widely and pull out the tongues. It is better to put the sneakers on the balcony so that they can get good ventilation and dry quickly. Don’t put them in direct sunlight; just find a well-ventilated area. Don’t dry the sneakers on the radiator since they may become unglued or simply become yellow. If you need to dry sneakers urgently, you can use a hairdryer cautiously as a one-time solution. Remember, this is still harmful, so you shouldn’t abuse this method.

Have you heard of another method of cleaning sports shoes? Have you ever tried it? Share your experience in the comments.

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