10 Proven Tips On Using Washing Machine To Save The Color And Buttons On Your Clothes

Date August 13, 2018 18:43

Recently, the friend of mine shared her bad luck story. The woman washed her son's denim jacket with his phone in the pocket. So, the family had to buy a new gadget, which, by the way, the child had been asking for a long time (that's the one lucky guy here!). Any experienced woman knows that you need to check every pocket before washing, but something had distracted my friend, so the phone went straight into the washing machine. Luckily, the device stayed in the pocket, otherwise, it could've damaged the machine.

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Therefore, we consider it our duty to recall the basic rules of washing that will help preserve the brightness and colors of colored products, leave white things white, and buttons, rivets, and zippers in their places.

1. Check your pockets

Turn out your pockets or shove your hand in them. Don't just slap them on the top to check its contents. Don't be lazy! And zip them if it is possible, as it will maintain their form.

2. Zippers and buttons

Zip or button everything you can, so you can keep the look of the item and avoid its deformation.

3. Remove the straps

Also remove badges, pins and other objects that can be on clothes.

4. Soak the clothes

If the clothes have old spots on them, it is better to soak them beforehand with a special stain remover for a particular type of fabric. Don't add this into the washing machine.

5. Sort by color

However, if you've missed a pair of white socks after washing, but got the "new" pink ones at least once, then you are already aware of this mandatory rule in order to preserve their "natural" color.

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6. Sort by materials

Choose items made of roughly the similar material for a single wash. Otherwise, you risk getting a child's size blouse instead of your cozy cashmere sweater.

7. Baby clothes and bed linen

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These are two different washing programmes! For children's clothes, it is better to use special detergents to avoid any allergies when wearing.

For bed linen, a special program with a higher temperature and longer spinning is set. If you want and the possibilities of your machine allow it, you can do a pre-washing.

8. Temperature

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Examine the item label thoroughly. Good manufacturers will certainly write the temperature limits so that their clothes will remain as new.

9. Use special bags for washing

They are awesome for washing bras, delicate and lacy things, for example, chiffon blouses.

10. Laundry detergent and conditioners

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Choose a detergent or conditioner according to the types of clothes. The colored, white, and woolen clothes have different requirements. There are universal detergents that are suitable for white and colored items, but it is better to use specific ones for woolen and delicate clothes.

All these tips are aimed at keeping your clothes as if you have just bought them! Follow these simple hacks and you will be able to save your phones from being trapped inside the washing machine. :)

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