Exquisite Home Pedicure: 7 Easy And Stylish Ideas For Your Toenails

Date August 14, 2018 12:49

While the hot weather is still in full swing, do not forget that your pedicure draws a lot of attention! Many women take a good care of their nails but often ignore their toenails, which should also look neat and beautiful. Today, we offer 7 different ideas for summer pedicure, which will allow you to wear open shoes and be proud of your toenails and yourself!

1. For those who love pastel colors and a little abstraction.

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2. A multicolored but not bright pedicure is an excellent option!

3. A "naked" pedicure makes you toenails very neat and gentle.

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4. Coral color is once again hitting the trend, and a cute little flower on the thumb toe perfectly complements the idea.

5. A fruit explosion! This is just a perfect pedicure for those who want to show off their bright toenails.

6. Nowadays, floral patterns in clothes are trending, so why not adding it to your pedicure?

7. For all those lovers of neat and minimalistic ideas.

We've offered some different ideas that can suit anyone, so now, you have no excuse for not having a cute, beautiful pedicure! It is not only a manicure that should be an important component of self-care but also a pedicure. And with our ideas, you don't necessarily have to go to the salon. Isn't it fun to experiment? Just try to draw these simple ideas on your toenails. You'd be surprised how fascinating this process is!

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