"Naked" Manicure Is A New Global Trend: 7 Fancy And Easy Ideas For Your Nails

Date August 8, 2018

Manicure is a real joy for every woman at any time of the year. Dark shades are trending in autumn and winter, whereas in spring and summer, bright and juicy tones are the hit of the season. However, minimalistic drawings are always in fashion. Nowadays, simple sketches on your nails seem to be the most popular. One of the varieties, so-called the "naked" manicure, means that the master draws right on top of a clear nailpolish. The benefits of this design is that it lasts longer on the nails, because the process of growing is not so noticeable in contrast to bright colors. We offer 7 ideas for those who are ready to plunge into the world of fashion manicure!

1. Golden stripes will serve as a daily or festive manicure.

2. And here is the heartbeat - a super stylish trend.

3. The geometric game of colors is also the perfect option.

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4. Twigs and flowers are an ideal sweet option for "naked" manicure.

5. Or maybe you want your every nail to be unique?

6. An individual approach is a true friend of minimalism.

7. Feels like summer is here, doesn't it?

"Naked" manicure looks very gentle and neat on the nails. It does not draw attention to the flaws that could've happened during some kind of a bright manicure. If you do not have much time to visit a salon, then the natural looking transparent manicure is your best choice. You can forget about ugly nails for good! Do you like this trend? Which of the ideas did you like the most? Tell us in the comments.

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