Common Sense Cybersecurity: 7 Things You May Want To Remove From Your Social Networks Page Right Now

Date June 7, 2018

Today, our life is unimaginable without social networks! They help us stay in touch with relatives and colleagues, find a job, new friends, and even the lifelong sweetheart. However, posting some information that seems absolutely harmless on social networks can lead to irreparable damages.

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Cybersecurity specialists have revealed 7 things, that should be removed from your personal page as soon as possible!

1. Full date of birth

Many people are still in the habit of making these numbers a password for credit cards or mobile banking platforms. What a find for scammers!

2. Mobile phone number

Even if in your heart you hope that one day you will receive a call from a stranger with a mesmerizing voice, don’t put your personal number on public display. This can lead to much trouble!

3. Relationship status

Of course, there is no particular harm in this information. However, it can make you sad (or embarrassed in front of friends), if something doesn’t go well in the relationship.

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4. Location

It is not recommended to sign in your social network account from a mobile phone with locating feature on. Do you really want everyone to know where you are right now?

5. Information about the school (kindergarten) of the child, along with pictures of them

Why give kidnappers an opportunity to find out what your child looks like and where exactly to find them?

6. Selfie from vacation with a date stamp

Such information comes very handy for thieves. If you are on vacation now, there is no one home. Therefore, one can safely break into your apartment!

7. Pictures of documents and air tickets

A barcode of an airline boarding pass contains too much unique encrypted information. We hope that there is no need in going in depth about posting the photo of an open passport. Be careful!

What do you think, should social networks users hide such information? What would you add to this list? Please share your opinion in the comments!

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