6 Reasons Even Fancy Shoes Look Cheap

Date July 23, 2018 12:55

In search of stylish footwear, some girls forget the simple truth: fashionable isn’t always beautiful. Even shoes by big name brands and renowned designers can ruin a generally nice look, let alone fake and mass market models. 

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Shoes are one of the key elements of a look. They can become a highlight or spoil your look completely. 

Let’s have a look at 6 main reasons shoes can look cheap, regardless of the price tag.

1. Patent leather shoes

Though they look smart, these shoes are utterly impractical. Tiniest stains and scuffs are visible on their surface. Matte materials, preferably of neutral shades - nude, white, black – are much more elegant.

2. Lots of spangles and sparkles

This decor looks beautiful only on the expensive outfits by famous couturiers. In most cases, shoes with sparkles look inappropriate and often make the image appear cheaper. In addition, all these sparkles and crystals can eventually fall off.

If you like the shine, take a closer look at shoes with a “metallic” coating.

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3. Too high platform

The higher the platform, the cheaper the whole look appears. These shoes can make legs resemble hooves and the figure disproportionate. Most importantly, walking in such shoes is terribly inconvenient. Models with no platform in turn will make legs slimmer and the look - more elegant.

4. Leopard print


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We are not saying you need to completely abandon the “wild” coloring, just approach it with caution. The leopard has long become synonymous to bad taste.

Better choose an unconventional animalistic print - for example, white with black spots.

5. Wrong sized shoes


Many celebrities choose shoes 1-2 sizes larger for red carpet and social events. This trick protects the feet from calluses, chafing, and swelling. After all, they have to spend hours posing for photographers! If you are not a movie star, we don’t recommend you adopt this trick. Wrong sized shoes look ridiculous and spoil your manner of walking.

6. Combination of different colors and textures

Such models are to be avoided. It doesn’t matter how much they cost and who is behind their design – too many bright colors, sparkles, and decor elements will ruin any image. Listen to the sense of proportion and don’t mix more than 2 textures or shades.

Have you made these mistakes when choosing footwear? What rules do you rely on while shopping? Let us know in the comments! 

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