If You Suddenly Feel Bad And There Is No Blood Pressure Meter Around, Measure The Blood Pressure With This Simple Technique!

Date July 23, 2018

There is no doubt, it's much better to check the blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor, but what if for some reason the device isn’t around?

Here's a proven method.

How to measure the blood pressure without a blood pressure gauge

If you don’t have special equipment at hand to determine if your pressure is too high or low, you can just probe your pulse. It will take less than a minute!

Sit down comfortably (preferably leaning on a backrest of a chair) and feel for the pulse with the finger-pads. The easiest place to do so is at the wrist. Then, press on the blood vessel until the pulse stops: the more effort you have to apply, the higher is the pressure!

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How to interpret the results

You can indirectly estimate the blood pressure level based on how filled and rigid the blood vessel is:

  • a hard vessel with pronounced pulsation may indicate increased blood pressure;
  • if the pulse stops after you apply slight pressure, it is too low.

If you don’t have a blood pressure gauge at hand, this method can help you understand what is happening with your body. Still, don’t forget to visit a doctor at the earliest opportunity!

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