Frown Lines Give Your Age Away. Get Rid Of Them Without Botox!

Date July 26, 2018

New wrinkles on the face can make any woman sad, even though aging is something people are well aware of. Yet, the first signs may appear even in young years.

Causes and meaning

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Expert cosmetologists specify a number of wrinkle causing factors, including genetics, the state of skin (wrinkles show faster on dry and think skin), long hours in front of a computer or TV, frowning, and squinting. Especially expressing emotions through laughter, smiling, making a sad face – when facial muscles and skin are involved.

Centuries of observations led to establishing a connection between the wrinkle patterns on the face and the condition of internal organs, which in this way give signals of their own problems.

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For example, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead indicate permanent stress and stomach disorders. In this case, rest more, watch what you eat, cut down on sweets, and drink more water.

If the line is near the left eyebrow, then it’s the liver that is signaling you. Near the right one - watch your spleen. If there is a wrinkle on the bridge of the nose - it is likely that you are allergic to something.

What to do?

We present to you ways of getting rid of mimic wrinkles at home without resorting to expensive cosmetic procedures. Using natural products, for example.

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Coconut oil

Put a small amount of oil on your face with special attention to wrinkles on the forehead, and rub it in with massaging movements. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, then wipe the remains off with a napkin.

Natural coconut oil softens and nourishes the skin. It’s especially useful before going to bed.

Castor oil

This one is also better to apply before bedtime. You will literally need 4-5 drops. Spread it on the forehead with light massaging movements.

If the oil is in a liquid form, you can use it in the daytime as well.

Castor oil (tocopherol and retinol contained in it) has powerful antioxidant properties, so with regular use the skin starts looking healthier.

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Citrus juice

Squeeze the juice from a lemon, orange or grapefruit - you can make a mix or use only one of them. If your skin is very sensitive, dilute the juice with water.

Soak cotton rounds in the juice and apply to the wrinkles. Leave them until completely dry, then wash with cool water.

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and E, which are very useful for the skin. They also soften and moisturize it, making the skin more resilient and strengthening the capillaries. Your skin will look noticeably younger and healthier after the daily procedures. 

Rose water

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Make it a rule to wipe your face with rose water - you can buy the product in a ready form or make it yourself: pour glass of boiling water over a handful of rose petals and let it brew. The resulting solution can be frozen in a special mold, so as to look after the face with cubes of rose water ice.

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Preheat a small amount of olive oil. Dip your fingers in it and gently move them over the face along the massage lines. Pay extra attention to areas of the wrinkles. Massage your face for 10 minutes 1-2 times a day.

You can add a couple of drops of coconut oil to the olive oil. Such a mixture will perfectly smooth, moisturize, and nourish the skin.


Tips for reducing and eliminating wrinkles are best used as a preventive measure in particular. Regularity and consistency are essential here. Also, make sure to check your sight and select proper glasses or lenses if needed, so as not to squint.

It's good to scrub skin once or twice a week to peel off dead skin cells. And be sure to take care of nutrition and getting the necessary vitamins, as the skin condition is directly related to what we consume.

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Be young and beautiful! Look at American actress Kate Winslet, for example. After her 40th anniversary, she is not embarrassed of her wrinkles, but on the contrary, she values each one of them.

Source: BeautyHealthTips, Stylecraze

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