Noticed A Plastic Bottle On A Tire? Call The Police!

Date April 26, 2019 11:27

If you have noticed an empty plastic bottle on a tire of a car, don’t hesitate to raise the alarm. This message was issued by the police in South America to warn drivers around the globe.

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Here is what can be done using old plastic bottles. 

Ironically, this warning only made things worse, as more thieves learned from it.

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So what’s the trick? Criminals choose an automobile and stick an ordinary plastic bottle between a tire and the wheel well. Important point: it is installed on the passenger’s side.

What’s next? A clueless driver gets into their car and starts the engine. When the wheels start moving, the driver hears a loud cracking noise caused by the crushed bottle.

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The loud and strange noise, obviously coming from the car, startles the driver. The driver rushes out of the car and runs to the passenger side to see what happened.

In such an emergency there are not many people who would lock the car door and remove the key from the ignition. So, while the driver is on the passenger side, everything a perpetrator has to do is just quickly get in the driver’s seat and drive away.

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Simple as that! So, always check the car from all the sides, and, when you get out of the car, kill the engine and take the keys out. Safety first!

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