Give Your Favorite Footwear A Second Chance And Get Rid Of Those Creases With This Easy Method

Date July 24, 2018

It is no longer necessary to witness how your favorite sneakers suffer from rancorous wrinkles and dents. They can be rescued! You have two choices. The first is to dump them deep on the backyard with the great honor and the second is to try to restore them. Luckily, you don’t need to organize a cemetery for your footwear – we have prepared a way to help you bring your leather shoes back to life.

How to remove wrinkles off your shoes

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You will need:

  • what needs to be restored;
  • terry towel;
  • paper towels.

Work process

1. Fill the shoes tightly with paper towels or newspaper.

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2. Then, soak a terry towel in water, squeeze, and put on top of the shoes.

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3. Take a steamer or an iron, turn on the “Steam” mode, and start working on top of the towel.

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4. Here you are! Now compare the one, which is still wrinkled, with the one just from the steaming bath! The result is obvious.

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For more details on how to conduct the entire procedure, you can resort to the video below. 

How to take care of your shoes

When you don’t wear your favorite footwear, it is better to insert pads into it. They will absorb moisture accumulated in the skin and prevent creases.

  1. Clean your shoes immediately after you have come home.
  2. Make sure you dried your footwear. Apply creams and protective agents only after that.
  3. A silicone sponge isn’t the best choice for the care of your leather shoes. That is because it doesn’t protect but simply creates a shine that collects dust and dirt immediately after you go outside.
  4. For the creases on the shoes to be less noticeable, lubricate them with wax for the footwear.

Beautiful shoes are a guarantee of self-confidence. Having put on your favorite footwear, you will feel comfortable and concentrated the entire day. So, don’t spare your time to look after them. In order not to forget the helpful advice, save this article for the future mishaps!

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