Swimsuit Models That Emphasize Your Attributes And Hide Everything You Want To Hide

Date December 3, 2018 09:05

In summer months, most girls would like to swim and laze in the sun without worrying if their bodies are beach-ready or not. And any lady can look attractive in a swimsuit. Just choose the right model to help highlight all the advantageous features of your body and hide flaws, if any.

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We prepared a list of swimsuit models that will fit different body types and will help bring up the best in each.

1. For a round tummy

Women who want to hide extra inches in this area should consider high-waisted models, especially if your belly is fuller at the bottom and on the sides.

This model will kill two birds with one stone: you will get good tan (due to no straps) and it will emphasize your chest drawing attention away from the sides and stomach.

Ladies with apple-shaped bodies will look great in a swimsuit with a shirt-like top.

A V-neck is a perfect way to visually slim your figure and hide a few inches around the waist.

2. For curvy hips

A strapless swimsuit – a one-piece or a two-piece — will distract from curvy bottom, bringing up the bust and shoulders.

A top with wide straps around the neck will best suit pear-shaped girls. It can be a two-piece as well. A deep cleavage will make your décolletage and shoulders more noticeable than the hips.

3. For thick arms

A low-necked top will highlight your bust and cover thick shoulders.

One more alternative for women who would like to show arms less — a sleeved bodysuit. Choose the length you are most comfortable with. Consider draped models to partly cover the shoulders and emphasize the clavicles, back and décolletage area.

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4. For an unpronounced waist

A one-piece swimsuit with contrasting elements along the sides will help visually slim this area and make you appear thinner.

Transparent or knitted insertions at the sides will also achieve this effect.

5. For a big bust

For full breasted ladies, a solid top with various decorative elements is always a safe choice. 

Also, consider a top with wide straps and full cups. Aesthetic benefits aside, it will evenly distribute the load on the back and shoulders. 

Choose cups to completely cover the bust. It will be most comfortable.

6. For an hourglass type

If you have a full bust, wide hips, and a clearly pronounced waist, almost any swimsuit will perfectly complement your figure. A plain bikini with higher waist will provide a particularly dramatic look.

A monokini with a low neckline will draw eyes to your bust, and draped insertions will emphasize the waist.

Also, consider one-piece models of an interesting design.

A beautiful and wisely chosen swimsuit will help you get the best of your vacation. Which model did you like most? Let us know in the comments!

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