7 Tips To Hide Belly And Muffin Top Under The Clothes

Date April 25, 2019 15:34

Despite the fact that according to a study many men fancy a little tummy in a woman, ladies are still uncomfortable with bulging forms. However, if you are going to hide the flaws of the figure under the clothes, you should do it right. Otherwise, not only will you fail to conceal your stomach and muffin top, but also visually bring them up.

We decided to share these 7 tips for clothes choice, which will help to look slimmer. And how you can make your clothes more fashionable. 

1. Low-waist jeans are a taboo


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This item of clothing is no longer trendy and can play a trick on you. Choose straight and slightly thinned high-waistline models over low-hip jeans. However, a wide belt with a massive buckle is not recommended. High-waistline jeans go well with T-shirts and blouses.

2. Vertical stripes are your best friends

Clothes with vertical patterns or stripes make you look thinner and taller. However, mind how dense and wide they are. Too wide stripes can make you look bigger. We recommend taking a closer look at dresses, blouses, and cardigans with dense and narrow stripes.

3. Shaping lingerie

Many famous women, including Tyra Banks, Adele, Oprah Winfrey, Anne Hathaway, have manifested their preferences towards this piece of clothing. Bodyshaping lingerie hides imperfections and makes the body more distinctly contoured. It will be an excellent choice for a special event.

4. Choose dresses of appropriate size

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Maxi dresses or dresses a little below the knees will help to hide flaws and bring up strong features. As for the style, your belly and muffin top will be best concealed in a wrap dress. Moreover, we recommend taking a closer look at trapezoidal models with a high waistline. They will allow you experimenting with bold juicy colors.

5. Try loose T-shirts, tops, and tunics

Even with jeans of proper fit, a body tight short top can spoil the look and bring undesirable attention to the problematic area. If you are ashamed of a bulging tummy, go with a loose top. But try not to make a common mistake buying oversize clothes, they will only make you look bigger.

6. Emphasize a different part of body

To divert attention from a muffin top and tummy, emphasize, for example, a bust. Classic pants and a top, a black dress, a blouse with a pencil skirt are just a few options that will help to emphasize the décolleté and hide the flaws. If you have slim legs, make them your signature (be reasonable, a daring miniskirt will only shorten them).

7. Choose one-color shirts and blouses

They will become a highlight of your image, as well as will help brighten up gray office routine (if you go with vibrant colors). Blouses with a belt, V-neck or straps on the waist are most glamorous. If chosen well, they will do an excellent job of concealing the muffin top and tummy.

As you can see, you can easily look slimmer with properly selected clothing. And what secrets do you know to mask imperfections of the figure? Share with us in the comments!

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