No Need For Implants! 5 Ways To Enlarge Breasts Without Surgery

Date July 4, 2018

Every year, more than 1,000,000 women around the world resort to breast enlargement operations. However, surgery is not the only way to change shape and volume of female breast.

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If you are afraid of doing a plastic surgery or can’t afford one, have a look at the following 5 noninvasive ways of enlarging breasts.

1. Exercises

This method is as pleasant as it is effective: you improve your health as well as shape your body and breasts. However, it is more about increasing their elasticity, rather than actually enlarging. 

The following exercises will help you tone your breasts:


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Cable or dumbbell flyes

Bench press

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2. Nutrition

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You can also boost volume of your breasts with foods containing estrogen — a female hormone, which is responsible for the breast size, among other things. 

These products include:

  • lentil;          
  • chickpea;
  • kidney beans;
  • dairy products (cheese, yoghurt);
  • spices (sage, clover, oregano);
  • fruit (apple, cherry, plum);
  • vegetables (beat, carrot, cucumber);
  • cereal (rice, barley, wheat).

3. Vacuum massage

Many beauty salons offer women breast augmentation massage. Special cups are placed over the mammary glands, and vacuum pressure is created in these cups, thus causing a rush of blood to the area. However, the result isn’t lasting – eventually the chest returns to its original size. But if you want to flash a seductive neckline at a party, date, or another important event, this will do the trick!

4. Bra

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Bras are indispensable accessories in the arsenal of any woman. Often, the correct choice of this item is enough to make the bust look bigger. Despite the fact that the vast majority of women wear bras daily, not everyone knows how to choose them correctly.

Try to buy bras in specialized stores, where professionals will help you make the right choice. In addition, there is a vast choice of push-up bras that can lift breasts and visually enlarge them.

5. Cosmetic products

Special beauty products are an excellent solution for girls who want to make their bust firmer and more toned. They usually include phytoestrogens, vitamins, kigeline, essential oils, and blue clay. These components increase the elasticity of tissues and skin, moisturize it, and improve blood circulation and flow. In result, you have a lifted chest, which visually seems bigger.

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As you can see, except for dangerous and expensive plastic surgeries, there are many other ways to shape your bust. If the method you chose doesn’t match your expectations, try combining several of these! Share this useful information with your friends!

Source: WikiHow, WebMD

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