8 Wardrobe Tips To Help You Look Younger

Date April 24, 2019 17:53

It’s hard to overestimate the influence that clothes selection has on your look. And not only on how you look, but how you are perceived by the rest of the world. If you want to look younger, follow these simple tips.

1. The color of clothes

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Many women are afraid to experiment with colors and just go with black, which is considered to be one of the most elegant. However, this color can also emphasize the first signs of aging. If you can’t completely exclude dark colors from your wardrobe, try to balance them with bright details. Try clothes of light pastel colors, or different shades of violet and blue — they will be quite refreshing. Here is how you can make beautiful clothes with your own hands.

2. Accessories

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Adornments and accessories should look expensive, high-quality and few. Avoid cheap bright fashion jewelry, leave it for younger girls. Choose jewelry with beautiful stones, rings and other adornments that make the look brighter. Also be thorough selecting bags, scarves and other accessories to create the desired effect.

3. Shoes


If you want to look younger, don’t wear tasteless shoes like platform shoes or wide toe shoes. The most effective way to look younger is wearing some neat and elegant high-heels.

4. Clothes

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Remember the rule of thumb: Everything that is too wide, cumbersome, and shapeless makes you look older. If you can afford it, wear perfectly fitted clothes. This choice can help lose a few years. Avoid having a complex cut or too many elements. When it comes to clothes, the less is often more.

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5. Shaping underwear

After 40, women figure can start showing noticeable signs of aging. If your figure is generally attractive but has a few little flaws, make sure to hide them with the help of shaping underwear, which is available for any kind of situation. Even celebrities resort to this trick, so why not follow their example? Shaping underwear will contour your curves and ultimately make you look slimmer.

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6. Emphasize merits

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Instead of hiding the flaws, try to bring up your strengths. Every woman has her own “zest.” For example, bring up your gorgeous breasts with a deep neck line, or highlight your long legs with a pencil skirt.

7. Draw attention away from flaws


You can highlight not only with the help of clothes. Use styling tricks. For example, if you have wide hips and a beautiful neck and shoulders, try wearing thin long beads. They will make your neck appear longer and bring all the eyes to the upper part of the body. If you have elegant wrists, but not a very beautiful neck, use more bracelets to draw attention to your hands. If you don’t know how to emphasize different parts of your body, consult a stylist and pick up some tricks of the trade.

8. Don’t try to look younger at the expense of inappropriate clothing

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Do consider your age when choosing clothes. A 35-year-old woman with pig-tails wearing a pink blouse and an infantile smile, or a 40-year-old lady in a short body tight skirt is simply a bad taste. Each age has its own beauty. Your task is not to try to appear younger by questionable clothes choices, but to emphasize the beauty of your age.

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