Do Not Tear And Pluck: What Causes Graying And Ways To Deal With It

Date May 9, 2018 13:59

The majority of women don’t think that gray hair is noble, especially when it appears at an early age. Surely, each of us has heard that it can happen after a strong shock or stress. The scientists still did not find a connection between depigmentation and various nervous shake-ups, but managed to explain the nature of this process in plain language.


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The reasons for the color loss

So, the psychological problem cannot lead to pigment loss, but it affects the overall skin and hair condition. Their shade, as well as its saturation, is determined by the number and activity of melanocytes - cells that produce a certain coloring material. Over time, as the key body processes are slowing down, the cells get fewer. As a result, the gray appears.

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Another refutation of the stress effect on depigmentation is that this process is rather long-term. And it can take 10 years or even more, from the moment of the first silvery prick appearance to the complete melanocytes death. Specialists also use the notion «50-50-50»: by the age of 50, about 50% of the population is already 50% gray.

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The main causes of graying are the following:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • poor diet;
  • disorders in the thyroid gland functioning;
  • deficiency of B vitamins;
  • low iron content in the blood;
  • a number of drugs;
  • smoking, that leads to oxygen decreases.

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It is worth noting, that the curls do not turn gray all along, they just grow this way. It means that depigmentation cannot touch only a certain fragment or list. The hair life term is 1-3 years after it falls out and a new one, that is of the usual color or already gray, appears.

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Methods of combating gray

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Despite the fact that hair depigmentation is a common process and it is strongly connected with the natural aging, it can be tried to slow down with the help of proper nutrition, bad habits rejection and due attention to health. In addition to the normal lifestyle, timely treatment is also necessary.


The most effective method of gray hair masking is chemical staining. Still, there are different traditional recipes that can help to cope with the problem. For example, such natural dyes as oak bark and walnut decoction can darken hair color, and chamomile or onion husks infusion has a clarifying effect and adds golden tone.

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With regards to permanent staining, it is recommended to choose a shade closer to the natural color or slightly lighter. In this case, it’s important that bright or dark tones can be more saturated as the hair is already discolored. Be also careful with the very light shades. The result of staining depends on the pigment amount. It happens that gray hair is impervious to staining, so it cannot bring the desired effect. In this case, it is necessary to deal with the experienced colorist who will be able to choose the optical coloring composition or tone.

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The most common mistake beautiful ladies make is pulling out gray hair. There is a myth that pulling helps to "contaminate" neighboring bulbs, although, in reality, the situation is quite different. When the follicle is damaged, it becomes incapable of eventually growing a new follicle and in these places, a patch is gradually formed in this way.

It has been proved that the permanent paint will help to get rid of silver hair shade. When its manifestations are not yet critical, one can try some of these methods:

  • neat cutting with manicure scissors right next to the root;
  • dyes that have a lower coating ability (in comparison with permanent);
  • a short haircut that does not break up into parting.

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Some women note that the appearance of gray hair significantly affects the nature of the hair and its behavior, which is also a delusion. Due to the fact that with age, the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp decreases, the hair becomes not so fatty, but requires no less gentle care.

Even though the silvery hues were at the peak of popularity several years ago and are gradually returning to fashion, not every woman can decide to turn gray with dignity. Most likely, she will regularly paint curls, but it is desirable to remember that such hair is not worth plucking.

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