Macron Paid A Spicy Compliment To Australian Prime Minister’s Wife

Date May 8, 2018

Sometimes, incorrect translation of foreign words can get you in trouble, even if you are one of this world's mighty. To make things worse, the blunder took place at the highest level. It happened during Australia visit of Emmanuel Macron, President of France. 

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The meeting of the two heads of states was aimed at cooperation in different spheres: cultural, scientific, economical. In particular, they covered cybersecurity and the fight against terrorism.

In summary of the three-day visit, there was a customary press-conference, in which guests usually express gratitude for the hospitality. Everything was going fine until the French President directed Australian PM, Malcolm Turnbull, with the following phrase:

Thank you and your delicious wife for your warm welcome.

Apparently, the Frenchman confused two words similar in pronunciation: English “delicious” (tasty, referring to food) and French “delicieux” (delightful, lovely, referring to people). However, some came up with a version, that it was a joke in response to Turnbull’s remark about a breakfast the French elite had with members of Sydney’s French community.

The blunder instantly spread across the internet. The users wonder how Mrs. Macron is going to react to her husband’s ambiguous compliment.

The Australian Prime Minister managed to keep a straight face and simply replied, “Thank you.” The press conference went on.

What a gentleman! What happened to a good old fight?

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