American Actress Suggested Mandatory Vasectomy For Men After The Adoption Of “Heartbeat Bill”

Date May 14, 2019

From January 2020, the state of Georgia, US, will tighten its provisions on its law banning abortion. It will be prohibited for women to have abortions after six weeks into pregnancy. It is from this period that the fetal heartbeat begins to be heard, therefore, to interrupt its development will be considered a crime. The sentences are serious – up to life imprisonment.

This decision of the legislators has outraged many women who are dissatisfied that they will be told how to deal with pregnancy. Previously, abortion could be done up to 20 weeks.

31-year-old American actress Evan Rachel Wood expressed her opinion on social networks. The woman is known for several television shows, as well as the revelations about her bisexual orientation, experienced rapes, and attempts at suicide after experiencing the trauma.

Rachel shared angry posts on Twitter, where she warned of the possible horrendous consequences of this law and asked to stop it.

The actress’ next step in the fight against the “heartbeat law” was a counteroffer – to introduce a mandatory vasectomy for men until they want to have children. Her posts on the social network immediately became popular, supported by numerous women.

Such a severe law upgrade on the abortion prohibition has already been adopted in four US states.

And what is your attitude on this sensitive subject? Would you support Wood for compulsory vasectomies for men? Share your thoughts in the comments.