Recovering From Postpartum Weight Gain, Jessica Simpson Has Already Managed To Get Rid Of Some Extra Pounds

Date July 15, 2019

Not all celebrities become world renown icons and, gradually growing older, some of them devote more time to home and family life. Jessica Simpson, who at one time was leading in musical charts, competing with Britney Spears, has recently joined the ranks of these "sedentary" celebs and is now a happy mother of 3.

This event was marked by the end of a rather difficult pregnancy. Jessica gained a lot of weight, experienced various kinds of ailments, sometimes even consulting with subscribers on her condition.

For example, as in this situation with swollen ankles. She had to go through so many difficulties recently!

After labor, Simpson decided to return her ideal form and to get rid of excess weight. She admitted she switched to a healthy diet and ate only low-calorie food. In order to increase the calorie-burning process and enhance physical activity, the singer's opted for long walks. Every day, she tries to walk up to 3 miles.

Almost 2 months later, Simpson, who has always stood for naturalness, choosing to look genuine, pleased her followers with her first achievements in a summer bikini of leopard colors at her birthday party.

Beautiful girl!

Now we hope that the singer will soon finally return to her former shape. The 39-year-old mother of 3 children will soon look no worse than in her young years. Go, Jessica!