Behind Her Husband's Back? The "Flirty" Look Melania Trump Gave Putin Rocked Social Media


December 4, 2018 12:16 By Fabiosa

It is no secret to anyone that at social events journalists and photographers watch literally every step, gesture, and look of the first heads of states. Commonly, the subject of heated discussions on social media can be a completely harmless shot.

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Likewise, the other day, the G20 summit took place in Buenos Aires. At the time of dinner, the First Lady of the US was pictured sitting between her husband and Vladimir Putin. The photographers managed to capture the moment when Melania was talking to the Russian president. A Russian correspondent posted this picture on his Twitter page:

Donald, Melania and Vladimir at the dinner in Buenos Aires: When you don't look at Putin and therefore you lose twice as a result.

– Dimitriy Smirnov wrote on his Twitter.

Many internet users considered the look Melania gave Putin flirty. In the ensuing comments, they started to discuss what kind of relationship and feelings might hide behind this photograph.

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However, there were also those who suspected the picture of being photoshopped as there was no evidence of Melania sitting anywhere near Putin in other pictures from the dinner.

– captioned a Twitter user.

We remind you that previously people on social media passionately discussed the look on the face of Trump's wife after shaking hands with the Russian president. Then meeting Putin caused completely different amotions in Melania.

The look on the US First Lady's face often becomes a subject of discussion and jokes. Netizens could also not leave out Melania's smile during her communication with Barack Obama and at the funeral of Barbara Bush.

What do you think about these photos? Are the internet users' guesses right or is it just a timely shot? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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