50-Year-Old “The X-Files” Star Gillian Anderson Looks Incredibly Young. Maybe She’s An Alien?

Date November 23, 2018 15:27

25 years have passed since the beginning of the popular TV series The X-Files. It may seem like a long time ago, although actress Gillian Anderson, who played the FBI special agent Dana Scully, hasn’t changed at all!

In the series, she tirelessly fought against a multitude of alien invasions. However, looking at how beautiful this 50-year-old actress is now, you might think she was once abducted by aliens indeed!

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On November 19, 2018, #SheInspiresMe charity auction was held in London. Gillian Anderson also attended the memorable event. And guess what? She looked simply fabulous!

The actress successfully complemented her little black dress with nude makeup. Surprisingly, a rather strict image didn’t make Gillian old; on the contrary, it provided her with a special freshness.

Just a couple of years ago, the star looked much older in years. Now, Anderson has finished her youthful transformation. She is so confident in her attractiveness that she isn’t even afraid of taking part in naked photo sessions for various advertising campaigns.


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What was the reason Gillian’s transformation? Even though she doesn’t tell us, we may suppose her secret past might have provided her with some extraterrestrial connections.

Of course, we speculate this all in jest. We hope the actress will soon reveal her secret to her youthful appearance after 50. All we can do now is just enjoy her spectacular appearance and be happy for Gillian.

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