Benefits Of Divorce? Angelina Jolie Now Resembles Her Children’s Elder Sister

Date December 12, 2018 17:15

The recent years have been difficult for Angelina Jolie. Earlier, she was a woman who personified the desired seductress, bearing the status of “the most beautiful celebrity in the world” and living with one of the most handsome men on the planet. Now everything is different. Exhausted Jolie has been in a gruelling divorce process since 2016 with her former spouse. The couple still can’t divide their fortune of $400 million and settle on custody of their six children. Due to the hectic lifestyle, Angelina had started looking painfully tired and thin. Luckily, her fans have recently noticed some positive changes in the actress’ appearance.

Angelina repeatedly appears in public with the children. Her general condition seems to have improved significantly, adding a wide smile on her face.

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On December 9, Jolie was noticed walking with her children – Vivienne, Shiloh, and Knox. They went shopping and seemed to have a good time together. The 43-year-old celebrity looks more like their elder sister than mother, doesn’t she?

The actress was dressed very elegantly: black pants, a simple loose T-shirt, an open coat and pumps with a pointed toe. The image was completed with oversized glasses and bright lipstick. Jolie's hair was gathered at the nape.

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Brad and Angelina are said to have already settled the custody agreement. Pitt seems to have received what he wanted. Maybe the reason Jolie looks so good is because the couple finally agreed on it all?

What do you think about rejuvenated Angelina? Does she look like an elder sister? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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