Carole Middleton Feels Delighted To Have Such A Wonderful Son-In-Law As Prince William

Date December 5, 2018

Learning first-hand news is always interesting and important. If a person isn’t inclined to communicate with mass media frequently, the news becomes even more valuable. British community has such a person. Moreover, she is from a close surrounding of the royal family – the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother, Carole Middleton. The occasion for a rare interview was the 30th anniversary of the family business, Party Pieces, where all the relatives gathered, including sisters Kate and Pippa.

Of course, the conversation concerned family life since it has always taken first place for Carole. As a mother of three (Kate, Pippa, and James), she thought her kids would create their own families and move away.

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Fortunately, this never happened, and the entire family stayed close to one another. The daughters’ husbands (Prince William and James Matthew) also became a great reinforcement to the Middleton “clan.” Carole is extremely delighted to have such amazing relatives:

I have two lovely sons-in-law, and I hope I’ll have a lovely daughter-in-law.

Recollecting the wedding of the eldest daughter in 2011, the mother honestly admitted that she was very worried because she had to look decent to delight the children.

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Having the experience of raising two daughters and a son, and becoming a grandmother for the fourth time, Carole Middleton is convinced that it is necessary to engage in children’s development from birth:

You can’t suddenly start teaching them about politeness at 13. You have to do it from the start.

On Christmas Eve, the adorable granny of four also talked about how this holiday is observed in the Middleton family. According to Carole, they station several fir trees in their home with one serving a special purpose:

One the children can decorate however they want.

In 2016, the Dukes of Cambridge changed the tradition of celebrating Christmas in the Queen’s company in Sandringham since the children were small. They went to Berkshire to Kate's parents. Apparently, this year they will also visit their grandparents, this time already with another family member.

Carole Middleton Feels Delighted To Have Such A Wonderful Son-In-Law As Prince Williamgettyimages

Adults are always ready to reconsider the traditional course of the festive holiday, for the children to have fun and receive as much pleasure from celebrating as possible.

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