Famous Model Flashed Her Stunning Figure At 8 Months Pregnant And Revealed How She Keeps Such A Perfect Shape

Date February 6, 2019

Pregnancy makes any woman even more beautiful, inspires her, and fills her with light from the inside. At the same time, hormonal flux and insatiable appetite can often lead to excess weight – the main fear for all future mothers. Popular model and former Miss Russia, Victoria Lopyreva is already 9 months pregnant, but she knows perfectly well what helps her keep a great shape.



The girl’s body is so toned that she could successfully hide her pregnancy up to 8 months. Victoria has recently moved and said she gained 20lb due to the huge stress and worries. To avoid extra weight during pregnancy, the model followed the most common rules.

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Plenty water

In the first months, the model actively worked as an ambassador for FIFA and was preparing to defend her diploma. All in all, she was constantly on the move.

I had no time for eating and sleeping, but I drank a lot of water – this is a good habit.

New diet

Victoria said she couldn’t figure out what she wanted exactly. She thought that many products would simply be inappropriate. Her usual diet consisted of cereals, fruits, soups, and salads, but the model decided to abandon raw foods and also focused on coconut water.

Physical exercise

To keep the body in good shape, Victoria took up swimming, began to walk a lot, and acquired a special means to prevent stretch marks: massages helped Victoria make the skin more elastic.

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Body love

Victoria advises to care about your figure but try not to overwork and love your body as it is. Extra weight doesn’t make any woman better or worse, and when you gain 20lb even your face changes. Victoria claimed she didn’t notice this. She felt completely fine. By the way, even during the pregnancy a lot of men paid attention to her seductive body. She claims that not only ideal forms attract men.





Apart from an appropriate lifestyle and balanced nutrition, Victoria said that her partner helped her a lot and was great support all this period:

He’s been supportive from the very beginning and continues to be. In fact, we joke that he’s more pregnant than me! We’re totally inseparable; we spend every spare second together.

What about you? What changes in nutrition and lifestyle have you made? Share your experience in the comments.

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